Rainbow Watercolors Gift Wrapping Papers 6 sheets: High-Quality 24 x 18 inch Wrapping Paper

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About the Author The Tuttle Publishing Company was established in 1948 in Rutland Vermont and Tokyo Japan and is today regarded as a premier publisher and seller of books rooted in Asian culture language and history. Since its founding in 1948 Tuttle has published more than 6000 books and today maintains an active backlist of around 2000 titles. Today Tuttle publishes 150 new titles each year focusing on Asian languages Asian food & cooking gardening & flower arranging crafts & origami childrens books martial arts Asian literature games & graphic novels Asian history & culture health & fitness self-help & Eastern religion Asian art & collectibles interior design & architecture travel guides maps and business books. Tuttle products are available in printed formats as well as popular eBook formats. These fine-quality tear-out wrapping sheets feature six whimsical watercolor patterns suitable for craft projects as well as for gift wrapping. An introduction details the history and meaning behind the designs and provides some wrapping inspiration Tuttle Gift Wrapping Papers are an excellent value--a fraction of the price of a single sheet of gift wrap paper from stationery shops Each sheet is removable by tearing along a perforated line There are six sheets with six different patterns in each book