Kosmos Fangs Werewolves vs. Vampires vs. Humans Game, Multicolour

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In Fangs it?s werewolves versus vampires versus humans. This thrilling social deduction party game challenges players to determine which one of these three secret roles each other player has assumed. Since you don?t know who you can trust when the game begins you must attempt to conceal your role from the other players while working to identify your allies and your enemies. Fangs is an amped up werewolf-style social deduction game that is playable without a game leader and without an app. With lots of information to suss out and analyze it elevates the social deduction game to the next level. Each player has a specific role with unique goals and win conditions forcing players to act in ways others might not expect. On a player?s turn they choose between multiple actions but limiting factors make it so there are justifications and excuses for any action. Thrilling social deduction party game Offers an intense and entertaining gameplay experience Enhance your logical thinking and strategic skills Perfect for friends and family