Dc Universe Rebirth Deluxe Edition

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Review Geoff Johns is interjecting heart and humanity back into the lives and adventures of DC Comics iconic superheroes. --USA Today A compass for the new era. --Wall Street Journal The return of so many long-lost characters is cause for celebration --Paste Magazine All the artists in this book are really on their A-game. --Nerdist A big shakeup that could pique the interest of people outside the nerd inner-circle. --Vulture As a new era dawns for the DC Universe fans should feel free to hope again. --PopMatters About the Author Geoff Johns is an award-winning writer and one of the most popular contemporary comic book writers today. Johns is the author of theNew York Timesbestselling graphic novels Aquaman- The Trench Blackest Night Green Lantern- The Sinestro Corps War Justice League- Origin Superman- Brainiac and BATMAN- EARTH ONE which hit #1 on the bestseller list. He is also known for transforming Green Lantern into one of the most critically and commercially successful franchises in comics. Johns was born in Detroit and studied media arts screenwriting and film at Michigan State University. After moving to Los Angeles he became an assistant to Richard Donner director ofSuperman- The Movie. He and his mentor Donner later co-wrote Superman- Last Son featuring the return of General Zod. Johns has written for various other media including episodes ofSmallvilleArrowand Adult SwimsRobot Chicken for which he was nominated along with his co-writers for an Emmy. He is the Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment and resides in Los Angeles California. DC Universe- Rebirthdidnt just connect the comic book universe of Superman Batman and Wonder Woman with the dystopian world of Alan Moore and Dave GibbonsWatchmen- it did so in a way that subtly echoed the 1986 comic book classic. -Hollywood Reporter

The world of the Watchmen collides with the DC Universe in the most shocking story in DC history! DC Universe- Rebirth Deluxe Edition heralds in a new era in storytelling and sets the stage for the future of the DC Universe.

Wally West is trapped out of time and space lost in the recesses of dimensional bleed due to the Flashpoint caused by his mentor Barry Allen. Drifting in this nothingness only Wally-the man once known as Kid Flash and then the Flash-can see the mystery pervading the universe. Who has stolen 10 years?

Wally must now return to Earth and the loved ones who have always acted as his lightning rod but no matter who he contacts he slips further and further away closer to nothingness.

The fate of the universe depends on Wally Wests REBIRTH...

The story that began one of the most critically acclaimed launches of all time is here in DC Universe- Rebirth Deluxe Edition. Written by #1New York Timesbest-selling author Geoff Johns (Justice League) with art from four of the industrys greatest talents in Ivan Reis (Aquaman) Gary Frank (Batman- Earth One) Ethan Van Sciver (Green Lantern- Rebirth) and Phil Jimenez (Infinite Crisis) this new hardcover edition features a story with ramifications that will reverberate through the DC Universe for years to come!