Rainbow Socks - Men's Women's - Sushi Socks Box Salmon Cucumber Maki - 2 Pairs

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UNIQUE AND EXCEPTIONAL SOCKS - Sushi Socks Box is unlike any other product of this type in the world. The idea for the socks that look and are packed like real sushi was born a few years ago in the heads of creative people who love sushi. Each sock is folded in a specific way so that it resembles the Japanese delicacy. If you are searching for unique socks youre in the right place. Fans of sushi and funny socks - lets come together! :D IDEAL FOR A GIFT - Sushi Socks Box is a fantastic idea for a funny gift that will always spark a lot of laughter. Surprise your nearest and dearest with the contents of the box! Whether its a Christmas gift/birthday gift/Valentines Day gift our sushi socks are a universal gift for all occasions. Sushi socks will be also practical as a party gift or corporate gift. We guarantee a burst of laughter when the gift recipient discovers that they received socks instead of sushi. Trick your friends? COLORFUL SOCKS ARE COOL - Food socks are a fashionable motif in the world of modern sock fashion - just like the Japanese style. Weve combined these two things to bring you very funny colorful and hipster sushi socks. Our socks ideally match casual clothes or a suit making your outfit more colorful and turning it into something exceptional and modern. Sushi socks are also an indispensable gadget of every sushi and Japan lover. Fans of colorful socks wont be disappointed as well. :D HIGH QUALITY FAMILY BUSINESS - Sushi socks are produced in a small family company in Central Europe. This process supports the local textile industry. Owing to our passion and many years of experience the production maintains high standards offering high-quality cotton socks in original and detailed patterns and colors. Our sushi socks have been awarded the OEKO-TEX certificate which is an international symbol of the best quality of textile products. MAKI NIGIRI AND MORE - Our Sushi Socks Box Slice contains multiple types of Japanese sushi: salmon tuna octopus nigiri tamago omelet or butterfish as well as maki with cucumber turnip and tuna. Each sock has its own unique pattern and colors: black white green pink claret red yellow brown and purple. The set also contains soy sauce bottles wasabi and ginger made of fabric. The socks are available in sizes for men and women: (AU Woman 5-9 /Man 3-7) and (AU Woman 10+/Man 7.5-11) Sushi Socks Box is a product designed by a group of young sushi fans. Sushi Socks are cotton socks resembling sushi packed in box like a real sushi decorated by grass ginger and wasabi (shaping from fabric scraps). Sushi Socks are made in EU with highest quality standards. In our offer you can find socks imitating nigiri from salmon tuna butterfish octopus or tamago and socks like sushi maki from tuna oshinko and cucumber. Sushi Socks Box secrets lies in proper folding socks in a way imitating nigiri sushi (piece of rice topped with fish) or sushi maki (rolled rice with a fish inside wrapped in seaweed called nori). Socks after unrolling present colour and texture of a given fish (pink salmon yellow tamago maroon tuna creamy butterfish and irregular purple maroon or brown circle octopus). In sushi maki the sock is tricolor from black through white till the colour of choosen ingredient: oshinko yellow tuna- maroon cucumber green. Sushi Socks are produced from high quality of combed cotton originated from India or Germany. Cotton used is certificated by Oeko Tex which is a leading security sign of textile products in the world. Cotton is a natural fabric vegetable origin which is characterized by permeability of wind thus skin of foot breathe freely and the thermic-insulating features of cotton are the best from all vegetable origin fibres. Sushi socks are produced according to the highest standards in production process. They have non compressive welt and flat Rosso seam which enriches product in luxuriousness high quality. The idea of Sushi Socks comly with precise assumptions: - Sushi Socks resemble real sushi - Sushi Socks are produced from the highest quality of fabric. 80% cotton 17% polyamide 3% elastan