Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy (Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, Art of Star Wars, SciFi Gifts for Women)

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Holiday Gift Pick This glorious look at the powerful females of the Star Wars universe is jam-packed with stunning illustrations all drawn by women and non-binary artists. From Leia to Rey Ahsoka Tano to Jyn Erso this coffee table book is essential for any fans of the series and celebrates its female heroes (and villains!) in a fascinating way.
-The Nerd Daily

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Holiday Gift Guide Pick What makes this a truly great gift though is the character analysis included for each person. Backgrounds catch phrases motivations mistakes and victories are painted in prose alongside beautiful illustrations of each character. The tome brings the characters to life in a visceral way. Whether youre trying to inspire greatness in a young one or foster understanding of the greater universe Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy is the perfect gift for most any age.
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Holiday Gift Pick Devoted fans will likely recognize most (if not all) of the rogues rebels and imperials in the full-page illustrations but the visually rich Women of the Galaxy also serves as an excellent introduction to the series for any interested reader-of any age or gender identity.

Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy is beautifully designed. From the stunning Rey and Leia front and back cover art done by Jen Bartel to the page layouts and the use of character names in Aurabesh as a dividing line the book looks monumental and modern at the same time.
-FANgirl blog

Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy is wonderfully illustrated with 100 all new illustrations by a range of female and non-binary artists. . . . Too often the story of Star Wars is presented as driven by male characters but Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy demonstrates the strong and inspiring female characters that helped tell the story and shape the Star Wars universe.
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Women Of The Galaxy by Amy Ratcliffe is a timely and welcome book celebrating the female characters who have entertained and enthralled us throughout the Star Wars saga. It provides an in-depth look both in story terms and behind-the-scenes of the women who have stood up to the Dark Side or in some cases fully embraced it.
-SF Crowsnest

Large and lovely Star Wars: Women of The Gal-axy celebrates girl power across the many iterations of the Star Wars franchise. It casts a spotlight on the courageous female players in the genre-shifting saga that upended the notion of girls in science fiction needing to be rescued...This hardcover book with dust jacket printed on thick satiny paper is a pleasure to page through. Each portrait is featured in alphabetical order in a full-page spread. Several characters - Leia Padmé. and Rey - receive the royal treatment with several different portraits. This is one of the classiest most appealing tie-in volumes Ive seen from the Star Wars universe.

-Locus Magazine

Rediscover all the strong women in this franchise through this book of 75 characters from the films comics games and more. Each profile is accompanied by a beautiful illustration by a female or non-binary artist. -Business Insider

This beautiful book is an amazing addition to any Star Wars collection. It profiles 75 women within the universe ranging from the iconic princess herself Leia Organa from the original trilogy to the strong-willed and determined rebel Jyn Erso in Rogue One. This book is truly a celebration for these incredible characters. - Nerds and Beyond

this is not only good for the Star Wars fan who knows everything about this universe but for the more casual fan looking to get into the world or even for a future Star Wars fan you are cunningly trying to convert so you can nerd out about Star Wars together. Youre welcome.
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[Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy] contains profiles of 75 canonical female characters fully illustrated in a striking array of styles (a postcard sets also available). The text deftly weaves in-universe and out; obscure pastel droid R2-KT will remain in your memory banks much longer after reading her heart-rending off-screen backstory.
-Total Film

A beautiful anthology...that will inspire you again and again with stories of courage daring and love from the women whose stories influenced your childhood and those who continue to do so through new additions to the canon. Star Wars fans will love this book and it will especially resonate with women and girls looking to find their own place in the galaxy.
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Carrie Fisher liked to joke that Princess Leia was the only woman in the galaxy-but thats no longer true. From the heroines of The Force Awakens and Rogue One to characters from TV comics and novels this lovingly illustrated book explores the feminine (and increasingly feminist) side of the Star Wars universe.
-Time Out London

I love this book so much I have two copies.

Its a handsome beautifully designed book that will stand out on bookshelves. As a first dip into the female characters of the galaxy its a must and as the first book written and drawn entirely by female creators it deserves every ounce of credit and plaudits it gets.
-Fantha Tracks

My favorite parts of the book involve getting to dig in to some of the more obscure characters that the casual fan may not be aware of characters like Rae Sloane Kyrsta Agate or Ciena Ree from the novels and Doctor Aphra Sana Starros or Queen Trios from the comics. Theres even a whole page dedicated to Mama the Hutt (Jabbas grandmother) from the Clone Wars series which I found to be both refreshing and hilarious at the same time.

Ratcliffe adds fascinating behind the scenes perspectives throughout Women of the Galaxy.
-Concrete Islands

The brilliant part of Women of the Galaxy is the mix of female characters that are discussed. From our beloved hero characters to the downright shady the book has every type covered. The Padmé Leia Rey and Ahsoka Tano sections of the book will bring huge smiles to all Star Wars fans. The job Amy Ratcliffe does in telling the background stories of the well-known characters is truly incredible.
-The Future of the Force

The result is something that is at once informative about characters both iconic - Leia and Rey get multiple pages of attention - and obscure (Prepare to meet R2-KT and learn all about the singer of Jabbas house band from Return of the Jedi) and a reminder of the depth of the cast list of the Star Wars franchise.
-The Hollywood Reporter

This beautiful hard-cover book celebrates 75 female characters - yes 75! - drawn from Star Wars plethora of films and TV shows plus comics novels and video games. Within the pages of Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy youll find 110 all-new pieces of art that any Star Wars feminist would be proud to own.

10 out of 10 stars
-Starburst Magazine

About the Author
Amy Ratcliffe writes about entertainment travel television and Star Wars for outlets such as Nerdist IGN Star Wars Insider and and cohosts the Full of Sith and Lattes with Leia podcasts. She lives in Los Angeles. Heroes villains renegades role models and everything in between the women of Star Wars have changed their galaxy while driving its stories forward at every level. This richly illustrated book profiles 75 fascinating characters from across films books comics animation and games. Featuring Leia Rey Ahsoka Tano Jyn Erso Rose Tico Maz Kanata and many more this authoritative book collects key story beats unique insights and behind-the-scenes details that reward fans and welcome those beginning to explore the saga. Featuring dynamic artwork by female artists and engaging text written by lifelong fan and expert Amy Ratcliffe here is a fresh and timely celebration of the women of the Star Wars galaxy. The book will include women from the current canon universe (including comics novels TV films games) up to and including the releases just before the book release.