Star Trek Boldly Go, Vol. 2

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Review This is a mission that every Star Trek fan of the current crew should join. -Comic Crusaders Mike Johnson really delivers in not only the story but capturing the personalities of the characters from this timeline. -Pop Culture Uncovered About the Author Before being tapped to write the Star Trek preview comicStar Trek- Countdownfor IDW Publishing with fellow Orci/Kurtzman employee Tim JonesMike Johnsons comic resume was limited to work for DC Comics on theirTitansandSuperman/Batmancomics and a story in their 2008 Halloween special. Johnson and Jones subsequently wroteStar Trek- Neroand theStar Trek- The Official Motion Picture Adaptation. He writesStar Trek- Ongoing for IDW tying into the films set in the alternate reality.Tony Shasteenhas been an illustrator and graphic designer since graduating from the Art Institute of Atlanta with a degree in Visual Communications. His work has been featured in publications such as Communication Arts Playboy and Spectrum. He lives in the tranquil suburbs of Atlanta with his wife two sons and as many cats as possible. As the Federation and Romulans convene in the wake of the Borg attack the precarious peace is threatened by the murder of a key diplomat... and a Starfleet cadet is the prime suspect! Dont miss this all-new adventure guest-starring Jaylah from STAR TREK BEYOND and the cast from the hit STARFLEET ACADEMY series! Collects issues #7-12.