Skeleteen Wizard Glasses and Tie - Maroon and Gold Dress Up Tie and Black Round Glasses Set - 1 Pair

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Skeleteen Magic World Tie and Glasses Accessories Set is ideal for kids and adults for Halloween Dress up and photo booth props. The tie is red with thick and thin diagonal yellow stripes. It can be worn to any costume party wedding or birthday party with a Harry Potter theme. It can be used to complete the uniforms of Harry Hermione Ron or Ginny. This tie is made to fit men women and children and makes an ideal family dress up theme for Halloween. It can be worn with a lightning scar tattoo to complete the wizard look. Of course you will still need a cloak or robe a wand and maybe even a scarf to complete the costume. This novelty set can be used as supplies props and decorations for a character themed boys or girls birthday party. It makes a great gift for any little boy or girl obsessed with the Potters. It can also be great as a props or costumes for any kid that loves dressing up in character outfits and clothing. Skeleteen Tie and Glasses Costume Accessory Set can be used for the Wizarding World Hogwarts School Uniform. They are made to fit adults and children with the glasses being 5 wide and the 5 arm and the tie being 50 long. The tie and glasses are similar to the ones worn in Gryffindor House in the Harry Potter movies. This set can work great for any dress up event or costume party with a Harry Potter or wizard theme. Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.