CRAYOLA 747346 Scribble Scrubbie, Peculiar Pets Play Set, Perfect Gift for Kids, Includes 4 Pet Figurines, Colour & Clean Adorable Little Pets, Collect Them All!

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Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets just got Peculiar! These adorable colorable and washable pet toys for kids now include a Dragon Unicorn Narwhal and Yeti. This set also features a sparkle tub 9 Washable Markers a Scrub Brush and a Colorable Background thats reusable. Choose a pet and color in a fun design then when youre ready for something new POP ?em in the scrub tub to get cleaned up. Create new colorful coats as often as you like! There are 4 Scribble Scrubbie Pets inside and additional expansion packs (sold separately). Birthday parties are made more fun with this delightful coloring activity and it makes a great gift for kids ages 3 & up. Collect them all! Tips & Tricks for cleaning For best results: - scrub your pet under running water after play and let it air dry before storing. - use your scrub brush to help release the ink from the tiny fibers on your pet. - let your pets dry before a second use. - coloring on damp pets allows the ink to wick under the fibers making the color harder to rinse away. Still see color on your pet after scrubbing under running water?- if colors have been left on your pet for several days you may need to soak it in water for minutes. -If the stain persists after a one-minute soak soak overnight. - The fresher the color the easier to clean. - soap has little effect when cleaning your pets. - fresh coloring typically requires a rinse under the faucet while concentrated coloring may require light scrubbing under a faucet or an overnight soak. PET CARE TOY: Includes 4 Peculiar Pets 1 Sparkly Scrub tub 1 Scrub Brush 9 Washable Markers 1 Standing Play Mat and an Instruction Sheet! COLOR WASH & PLAY: Color & customize your pets then wash them and start again PLAYFUL PETS: Features 1 Dragon 1 Narwhal 1 Yeti and 1 Unicorn toy PLAY MAT INCLUDED: Full-color standing play mat acts as a background for your tub set. It can be colored in washed and colored again