Scattergories - Fast Thinking Categories Game - Don?t Let the Time Run Out - Word and board Games - Ages 12+

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Scattergories. The Scattergories game is the fast-thinking game of words and categories. Players roll the letter die flip the sand timer and race against the clock to come up with answers to each category on the category list. Score points for writing down answers that no one else did. The more creative the answers the more points scored. Ready Roll Write to play the Scattergories game pick a list from the category cards and roll the 20-sided letter die to determine which letter each answer will begin with. For example if the die turns up the letter S players start the timer and as quickly as possible write down the answers to things listed on the card such as things you plug in items in vending machine or song titles -each beginning with the letter S. When time is up players compare answers and each unique answer earns a point. The player with the highest score at the end of each round is the winner. Thousands of Combinations one thing that makes the Scattergories game different from other games is the 20-sided die which provides endless fun for each round. With more than 190 categories and 20 letters on the die there are more than 3500 category combinations! So the Scattergories game is exciting to play over and over again. Players try to make their answers unique and think of things that will be different from everyone elses so that they will earn more points. Think Fast Write Fast The Scattergories game includes a 3-minute sand timer so players have to be creative and clever within that span of time. Roll the letter C? Quickly come up with a musical group a vegetable and reasons to have a party. Write down only 1 answer for each category. Which would be a better answer for the vegetable?carrot or cauliflower? Choose wisely! Only one-of-a-kind answers score. The game includes 6 individual folders to keep all of the category and answer sheets together and to deter prying eyes. Fun and exciting game which rewards quick outside the box thinking Answer before time runs out but having the same words as others means no points Over 3500 category combinations for different gameplay each time Scattergories unique 20 sided die mixes up the fun each round Includes : 6 Folders answer pad die 48 category cards timer & instructions Ideal for: Christmas Presents Family games night birthday presents kids parties holiday entertainment wet weather days camping gifts special treats