Ravensburger 10793 Unicorns World Puzzle 100pc,Children's Puzzles

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This Magical Puzzle Has A Unique Design That Encourages Hand Eye CoordinationRavensburger Puzzles Are Made In Germany From The Highest Quality And Thickest Green Kappa Cardboard AvailablePieces Have A Nice Matted Finish Which Makes Them Easy To See And HandleBuilds Small Motor Skills Picture Recognition And Task CompletionPromotes Cooperative As Well As Independent Play. This magical puzzle has a unique design that encourages hand eye coordinationRavensburger puzzles are made in Germany from the highest quality and thickest green Kappa cardboard availablePieces have a nice matted finish which makes them easy to see and handleBuilds small motor skills picture recognition and task completionPromotes cooperative as well as independent play Manufactured in Germany Experience the quality you can grow with - piece by piece Beautiful fairies and brave knights inspire the imaginations of all little puzzlers girls and boys alike This wonderful collection includes unicorns and dragons as well! Hours of puzzling in far away fantasy lands