Monopoly Junior - My First Monopoly Game - 2 To 4 Players - Board Games and Toys For Kids, Boys, Girls - Ages 5+

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Product Description Monopoly games have been entertaining families since 1935 and with the fast and fun Monopoly Junior game kids can join the roller-coaster ride to success. Players pass Go take a Chance card and own the property of their dreamsor they might end up in Jail. Whatever happens its fun all the way to the top The Monopoly Junior game allows kids to earn money the fun way. The game is like the standard Monopoly game but its fast simple and accessible for younger players. Kids choose their favorite Junior token--Little Scottie Little Hazel Toy Boat and Toy Car--and learn how to pass Go buy properties and collect rent. Once another player goes bankrupt the player with the most money wins the game. The Hasbro Gaming Parker Brothers and Monopoly names and logos the distinctive design of the gameboard the four corner squares the Mr. Monopoly name and character as well as each of the distinctive elements of the board and playing pieces are trademarks of Hasbro for its property trading game and game equipment Players move their adorable character tokens around the board buying kid-friendly properties such as the ice cream parlor the toy store and the skate park. Its so much fun for them to place a sold sign on their very own property. Chance cards reveal unexpected bonuses but watch out They can also make a player pay when least expected. Single banknotes keep the transactions fast and easy. Kids can make their own decisions and experience the ups and downs of real estate with the Monopoly Junior game. Kids will be able to collect cool properties make others pay rent and try to own it all. Once any player runs out of money and cant buy an unowned property pay rent or pay a fine the game is over. The remaining players count their money and the person with the most money wins the game Set Contains: Includes game board 4 tokens 20 Chance cards 48 Sold signs 90 banknotes 4 Whos Your Token? character cards 1 die and game guide. Product Type: Board Game Package Quantity: 1 Country of Origin: United States Easy rules use single dollar bills for simple transactions