Little Live Pets 28963 BUTTERBOW Dancing Unicorn Electronic Animal

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Little Live Butterbow Dancing Unicorn is what every girl dreams of! This interactive unicorn reacts to your touch! With a beautiful mane to brush and a horn that lights up this amazing unicorn reacts to your touch and nuzzles up to you. Gently caress the side of her neck and she will nuzzle you and make her horn glow red! Stroke her back and her horn will glow red and she will start to trot! Pet her again and she will start to canter and eventually dance for you to her own music! Press her heart button on Butterbows side and she will dance and her horn will strobe in multiple colors! Butterbow comes with her own brush to groom her and her favorite donut to feed her! You will hear her eating and her horn will light up green! Brush and Unicorn?s donut included. I dance to my own music My horn lights up and changes color I make cute unicorn sounds Groom me with my brush and feed me my donut Pat Me! I Nuzzle up to you