LEGO DC Wonder Woman vs Cheetah 76157 Building Kit

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Young super heroes can relive Wonder Woman? 1984 movie action with the LEGO® DC Wonder Woman vs Cheetah (76157) building kit. When Wonder Woman (Diana Prince?) encounters her archenemy Cheetah (Dr Barbara Minerva?) at the transmitter tower the scene is set for an epic battle! Wonder Woman vs Cheetah This action-packed playset gives kids double the fun. Down below in the bunker Max? tries to enter the tower while overhead the transmitter panels rotate. Meanwhile Wonder Woman and Cheetah confront each other. With super-cool features and so many possibilities for play young super heroes will experience endless imaginative fun. Popular action minifigure toys from LEGO DC LEGO DC kids? construction toys let children role-play as their favorite super hero in good vs evil conflicts to save the world! With legendary characters and cool gadgets LEGO DC building sets make great gifts for kids inspiring individual and group play that never ends. A winged Wonder Woman and Cheetah minifigures provide super-hero action while a Max minifigure is at the control center. High above the transmitter tower rotates through 360 degrees and up and down. Kids can fix the Wonder Woman minifigure to the rotating transmitter. As she flies around the tower Max stands at the controls. When the Super-Villain Cheetah arrives it?s time for an epic battle! Boys and girls aged 7 and up will enjoy exciting imaginative adventures with this popular LEGO DC Wonder Woman toy. A hot action-packed gift for all young super heroes. Measuring 7? (19 cm) high and 6? (17cm) wide with a radar dish measuring 7? (20cm) across the LEGO DC Wonder Woman vs Cheetah (76157) set encourages imaginative play on a large scale.