LEGO Super Mario Master Your Adventure Maker Set 71380 Building Kit

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Young builders can adapt their LEGO Super Mario Starter Course and Expansion Sets to create unique levels with this exciting Master Your Adventure Maker Set (71380). It features a Customization Machine to select rewards offered by the Time Block and 2 Item Blocks. This modular building kit also has a sliding platform coloured LEGO elements that trigger different reactions in LEGO Mario (figure not included) and a Special Pipe Dash 30 that allows players to rebuild and develop cool new levels. Iconic enemies This LEGO Super Mario set also includes Larry Goomba Bob-omb and Koopa Paratroopa toy figures to enhance the play experience. And check out the free LEGO Super Mario app which features intuitive viewing tools to aid construction lots of tips for creative building and play and more. Competitive fun Collectible LEGO Super Mario toy playsets bring a legendary Nintendo character into the real world and are great for group competitions or solo play. Product Type: Toy Building Block Package Weight: 2.208 kg Country of Origin: China Features a Customization Machine Customization Time Block and 2 Customization Item Blocks so players can choose their own rewards plus a Special Pipe: Dash 30 for extra fun interactive play options