Pin The Scar On Harry Game for Wizard Birthday Party Supplies Decorations (48 Scars)?

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This pin the scar on harry game-is the ultimate game. The 22x34 poster completes any harry party decorations. The perfect addition for your harry party supplies. How to play: Pin The Scar On The Harry?s Head 1. Use the double sided tape attach the poster to any wall. 2. Line the player up to five feet from the poster. 3. Cover players eyes with the blindfold. 4. If you want to increase the difficulty of the game you can give player a few spins and direct player towards the harry poster with one scar sticker. 5. The winner is the player who gets closest to the outlined scar on the poster. The Game Set Includes: 1pcs 22 x 34 inch large high gloss waterproof harry poster + 2pcs polyester blindfolds + 48pcs scar stickers. The Large Poster Games: The harry poster made of high quality poster paper with glossy bright coating. Large and unique harry design are very popular with kids can bring more fun to the birthday party games for kids. Huge hit for party: Pin the scar on the Harry?s head game set is perfect for celebrations and birthday party which also great as the party gifts for your kids and can be used as room decoration home decoration and wall decoration. How To Play: Paste the poster on the wall with the adhesive tape then wear the blindfold and paste the hat sticker on the poster the nearest child who post scar is the winner. Note: The scar uses the form of the sticker which can be reused in 2-3 times with the enough strong stickiness. The eye mask is very soft comfortable for kids.