FingerLakes Hide-A-Spare Key Rock - Looks, Feels & Weighs Like Real Stone - Safe for Gardens, Yards, Geocaching

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Nothing is more frustrating than locking yourself out of your own home or having school dismissed early and your kids are locked out. The FingerLakes Fake Rock is the ideal way to conceal your spare key in plain sight. Just remove the white cover underneath the fake rock asnd place your spare key inside. The authentic looking Rock can then be concealed in plain sight. Safely and securely hide your spare key in plain sight. School dismiss early? Kids can safely enter their home. Loose or misplace your key? Not a problem when your spare is securely hidden. The molded Poly-Resin rock blends into any landscape and will hold up to the weather The dimensions are 3.25 x 2.25 x 1.75. The concealed compartment is 2.375 x 1 The FingerLakes Hide-A-Rock looks feels and weighs like the real thing.