Dolphin Hat Games Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza Card Game

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Taco! Cat! Goat! Cheese! Pizza! is as unique as its name. Its a power packed quick and simple punk party game. This is a high octane rowdy cousin to Slap Jack and Irish Snap and its filled to the brim with hand slapping mayhem! Each player places a card from their hand (like snap and dobble) face up in a community pile while saying taco/cat/goat/cheese/pizza in player sequence - when the card matches the mantra - boom - everyone slaps their hand on the deck - the last one picks up the cards - the winner is the player to lose all their cards first. For extra fun there are special action cards ? the gorilla narwhal and groundhog which players have to make gestures before racing to slap the deck! Plays with 3?8 Players About 10?30 mins For Ages 8 and above Mechanics Take That Features Family friendly game Easy Rules - Say the words slap cards A classic game that can be played anytime anywhere Benefits Great price point Supported with a local and worldwide marketing campaign by Blue Orange Games Covered by influencers on instagram and youtube with millions of views This is the social card game that is going to change your game night forever. This addictive game is as unique as its name Its a power packed quick and simple party game. Race against each other to SLAP a match between a card and spoken word But - watch out! your mind will play tricks on you Brand: Dolphin Hat Games Model: 76954