Dog Toys Gift Box Treat Blue Plush Squeaky Interactive Cuddle Chew Toys Rope Clean Teeth Game of Fetch Slow Feed Orange Ball Safe for Doggy Puppy Eco Dog Poop Bag Dispenser Carrier Pickup Waste

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? Perfect Gift Box for Dogs - The box includes plush cuddle squeak toy interactive slow feed treat ball and a set of dog poop bag - great for birthday gift Christmas present or as new puppy gifts ? Soft Plush Material Relieve Anxiety : If your dog suffers from separation anxiety your dog will appreciate something soft and cuddly to snuggle with to ease his/her fears. Our toy is ultra-soft plush material with a perfect cuddle buddy for your dog ? Slow Feed Keep Dog Busy and Entertain - if your dog eats too quickly treat dispensing toys can help your dog to eat slowly and it is fun as the toys often force them to eat one bite at a time. In addition to hiding treats they?re designed to keep your dog busy. They?re perfect for dogs who make mischief when they?re bored or become destructive when left alone ? Safe To Chew Materials : Plush toys are made of PP cotton and outer is polyester pineapple velvet which are safe for your dogs. Cotton woven toy legs make the toy more durable and bite resistant. Treat balls are made from durable natural rubber - non toxic for your dogs ? Burn Off Excess Energy : If your dog pulls on leash due to having excess energy. A short game of tug with our plush toy or fetch with the treat ball can burn some of that excess energy off - help your dog not to pull on leash and make your walk more controllable