Mindmade Games Debatable - A Hilarious Party Game for People who Love to Argue

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Two players are involved in each debate and they?re either for or against the current topic. When the time is up the other players each cast a vote on the player they felt won the debate. But theres a twist. Of course you never enter a debate unprepared and thankfully your brilliant and trusty strategic advisor has provided you with some clever debate strategies that will ensure your victory. Before a debate you draw two random strategy cards without showing anyone else and you MUST follow well-known strategies like for example ?Resort to blackmail? You dont understand the question? or ?Make groundless accusations? during the entire debate. Do foil hats protect your thoughts from alien mind readers? Should post-mortem organ donation be mandatory? Who doesn?t love a good argument? Especially winning one! And now you can finally prove to your friends and family that you can win ANY argument regardless of the topic and which side you?re on. In Debatable all players are politicians taking turns debating both serious and silly topics using creative debate strategies like Deny everything Resort to personal attacks and Use made-up science to support you. Debatable is a hilarious party game for 3 to 16 adult players but only one can become the debate king or queen. Please note that Debatable contains many different debate topics ranging from fun and silly to serious and even controversial. We recommend that you play with people you know well and/or people you know are not easily offended.