Dc Comics Bombshells Vol. 2

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Review These are strong realized women capable of wondrous feats and Bennett ensures that they remain the heroes of their own stories. - IGN Bombshells is a win for both female characters and female creators and that double victory is well worth celebrating. - Newsarama About the Author Marguerite Bennett is comic book writer currently working on DC Bombshells Marvels A-Force and 1602- Witch Hunter Angela. Based on the hit DC Collectibles product line! As World War II rages across Europe the Allied forces issue a call to arms for the greatest heroines the world has ever known! With an old villain arising from beyond the grave Wonder Woman Batwoman Kara Starikov Kortni Duginova and Mera must aid the Allied forces while at home a brave group of Batgirls must defend the homeland! The incredibly popular DC Collectibles line is brought to life in these stories that reimagine the course of history! From writer Marguerite Bennett (BATGIRL EARTH 2- WORLDS END) and featuring artists including Marguerite Sauvage (HINTERKIND) Laura Braga (Witchblade) and Mirka Andolfo (Chaos) comes DC COMICS- BOMBSHELLS VOL. 2 collects #7-12.