The DC Book: A Vast and Vibrant Multiverse Simply Explained

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About the Author Stephen Win Wiacek has worked in all areas of the comics industry since 1981 as a writer artist editor and designer. He has taught and lectured on comics creation and production; and worked as a cartoonist journalist and consultant for TV and movies. From 1997-2007 he was chairman of the UKs professional body the Comics Creators Guild. As a freelance copywriter and reviewer he writes about comics for the DC Super Hero Collection The Slings & Arrows Graphic Novel Guide and for books such as The DC Comics Encyclopedia and DC Comics- Absolutely Everything You Need to Know from Dorling-Kindersley. In his spare time he encourages people to change their reading habits on his Now Read This graphic novel review blog ( A unique in-depth exploration of the DC Comics Multiverse for casual fans and comic devotees alike

Travel the myriad worlds of the DC Multiverse.

If you want to truly understand DC Comics The DC Book is your one-stop guide to the DC Multiverse. This unique insightful examination of a mind-boggling comics universe takes readers on a compelling journey from the dawn of Super Heroes to the formation of the Dark Multiverse... and beyond.

Meticulously researched and expertly written The DC Book is packed with stunning comics artwork illuminating infographics and incisive specially curated essays that shed new light on the ever-evolving DC Multiverse. From the worlds finest Super Heroes such as Superman Batman and Wonder Woman to iconic villains like the Joker Lex Luthor and Darkseid to mythic realms like Apokolips and Themyscira to cosmic energies like The Source and The Speed Force The DC Book explores the key concepts characters and events that have defined and shaped DC Comics over the past 80 years.

Divided into key subject areas including science magic alternate universes that form the foundations of DC Comics The DC Book is an invaluable roadmap to DC Comics that no fan will want to miss!

All DC characters and elements & TM DC Comics. (s21)