Bottle Opener Corkscrew Wine Stopper Set - Mr. STUBBY 3 Pcs Wine Gift Set Box ? Novelty Gag Gifts for Home Bar Parties Barware Sets and Party Drinking Games ? Funny Cool Gadgets Ship From Australia ! ( (Bottle Opener Corkscrew Wine Stopper Set)

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FOR THOSE WITH A SENSE OF HUMOUR ! If you are the type of person who want to give the best wine gifts or looking for the weird thing to shock people you have come to the right place. These naughty guys are great conversation starters who bring a lot of laughs or at least some good chuckle ! They will be the huge hit for any party or gatherings. And might be the best Santa gift everyone will want to steal or may be even that unique piece for wine lovers that have ? everything ?. MEET THE ALPHA TEAM ! Mr. Stubby and his fellas are committed to help people who might be struggling to open their beverages and save for the next greatest time. You name it ; wine beersodaschampagne any drink that has a cap or cork. As they are gifted personas by nature they have big and hard tools to overcome these tough challenges. These dedicated men are ready to fullfill your barware and kitchen needs as hard as they can ! Always at your service ! BOTTLE OPENER ! This hilarious and aptly man is just waiting in his package to entertain guests and securely take of your drink?s cap to start the party. BOTTLE STOPPER ! A great addition to any bar set this rock hard plastic Mr.Stubby can keep your wine fresh longer. CORKSCREW ! Sir James Bond had a licence to kill with his gun this cool guy has one to screw ! Ready to tear that drink wide open so that you may savor a tasty draught from your favourite corked beverage.