Bender Sender Drinking Game ? Fun Drinking Card Games for Adults ? Hilarious and Dirty Card Game for Party ? Dare or Sink, Ballot, Have You Dares for Shots and Swigs ? 505 Game Cards

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At Bender Sender we believe that life is about living every moment to the fullest! That is why we are very focused to create the wildest most provocative and entertaining games guaranteed to help you seize the moment and leave the inhibitions aside. We warn you there is a lot of drinking involved! If for some reason you?re not entirely pleased with your purchase we are always at your disposal except during Sunday hangover.Bender Sender Drink Card ? World?s Wildest Drinking Game!Your parties will be unforgettable with this super drinking card game! Our game comes with 505 cards divided into 7 categories that contain fun dirty or weird challenges and dares so it may be a high chance of drinking if you are not bold enough. Made with top-quality materials these game cards are designed to resist many hours of playing! Bring them to the party and be ready to regret those poor life choices or the lack of courage!Still not convinced? Here are some of the amazing features of this product:Fun and interactive;7 card categories;505 dare cards;Hilarious dirty awkward challenges;Durable and resistant;Perfect for parties with friends colleagues;Super easy to learn and play;Designed for adults;Amazing present for friends;Have the time of your life with the Bender Sender drinking game! The Perfect Ice Breaker: If you thought there will be a quiet and relaxing night let us prove you wrong! The Bender Sender drinking game cards are everything you need to transform a quiet night into a series of events that will make you wish they never happened. Interactive and Fun: Our adults drinking games will be the attraction of your party! We provide more than 500 funny cards with dares and challenges that will spice things up and make you say or do things that you may or may not want to forget. Provoking Cards: With 505 cards be sure that no challenge will be less fun than the previous. Our drinking card game is split into 7 categories of cards such as Truth or Sink Dare or Sink Send It Quickfire Ballot Have You? and Swig that require you to be bold enough if you don?t want to drink. Unforgettable Parties: Whether you want to see your friends in a more quiet place or plan to throw a huge party the Bender Sender drink game is simply essential. It is the perfect conversation starter for every party with your friends colleagues or office co-workers that will keep you busy for endless hours. Easy to Play: Even if you already had some shots and your eyesight is blurry learning how to play the Bender Sender drinking game will be a no-brainer. The players will take a random card by turn read it aloud and decide if they will do the challenge or forfeit and drink.